“I have a thing for eyes. I stare at them, sketch them, paint them, photograph them. Eyes tell a story and no matter how trained a person is to keep their composure, the eyes just give it all away. Those eye movements sink into the micro-ticks of the face and before you know it you can see a person’s vulnerabilities. That vulnerability…the eyes… that is what I showcase with my work. I try to show the world the inner person that often we keep hidden. 

I typically start with a photograph I have taken of my subject and then build from there. I use many iterations of different parts of their body to construct an image. Then I begin all the layers. These layers vary from paper, glass, yarn to paint. In the end, it becomes a fleshed out image of how I see my subjects, the real side they keep hidden.”


Courtney Minor is a self-taught mixed media collage artist and photographer who spent most of her life researching people and how they express themselves.  She took a decade long break from creating anything only to have it come bursting to the surface years later. Now she cannot stop creating and she does not want to. To see more of her work, please visit her art Instagram at @theronimart and for her photography, visit @virginias.daughter.​


Courtney Minor


If you want to speak with me, request more information on an artwork or create a custom piece, please submit info here. Or if you just want to send a really nice note with good vibes, I’m down for that to.​